Anna Ardin's later deleted tweet admitting directly "I was not raped" — but suggesting that, somehow, some (unspecified) 'animal rights' of hers, her being a human and thus an animal, where not respected by Julian. Were all of Julian's rights — rights to sexual equality, due process rights, privacy rights, rights of having Swedish law be followed, or the truth itself — were all or any these respected by Ardin and the authorities? That's a question very few mainstream politicians or media seem to care about.

Also neglected from almost all summaries is that Julian stayed in Sweden and asked, multiple times, if authorities had any remaining questions for him beyond the ones he answered? Over and over, he was told, "no". Finally with his global duties heading Wikileaks pressing, he finally left the country. Right away: "OMG, put up an Interpol alert for Julian 'fleeing' Sweden!" nonsense.

Please save your own copies of the screenshots below in case anything happens to the copy or to the copies I have below!

Screenshot of Ardin's "I was not raped" tweet:

Go ahead and translate it yourself (I believe I typed it — I used even used Google Translate's Swedish keyboard — believe I typed the correct text) if you wish; for your and everyone else's convenience, here's a screenshot of Google Translate, which only stumbled on the last two words. For the last two words, see the addendum below it; she was just saying "cool down" — presumably about the same as "cool it" or "calm down" — to the person who seems to have asked her a —possibly pointedly phrased— question)

And finally a clearer translation by Google of the last two words, by typing them separately:

found on:

[Footnote number 114] In Section 4 of affidavit