Julian Assange is a textbook example of a whistleblower, albeit, on an international stage. Mr. Assange has held modern warfare up for the world to see. It may be that the release of e-mails of the Democratic National Committee soured some Americans on the actions of the DNC. The e-mails apparently showed that the DNC was violating it’s own charter by showing preference for one of the nominees for the 2016 Democratic nomination instead of behaving impartially. That was the DNC’s issue and the DNC apparently has addressed and corrected it.

The legal and punitive animus toward Mr. Assange comes from his exposing the methods of modern war. Why would the grand jury recently imprison Chelsea Manning for refusing to testify against Mr. Assange? This had nothing to do with the DNC e-mail release.

The idea that Mr. Assange revealed “state secrets” is disingenuous and absurd. Mr. Assange revealed the methods of modern warfare. These methods should be known to all. This is America and it is our right and obligation to know what our government is doing (of the people, for the people, by the people). This is whistleblowing and truth telling, pure and simple. Mr. Assange is a whistleblower and should be afforded all the protections of whistleblowing.

The recent British sentence for bail violations is wrong and should be voided.

Ed Ferreira

New Sharon